New popup camper article on Wikipedia

I am now officially a Wikipedia contributer. Tonight I submitted my article on popup campers on Wikipedia. I’m surprised that no one had ever written one up until now, but hopefully my submission will be deemed worthy and not deleted. I included a couple of pictures of our popup, since it’s easiest to use your …

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Charging station

While it’s not the most involved or most clever thing I’ve ever built, I made a cabinet in my garage for holding my power tool battery chargers. It’s really helping to declutter my workbench. Take a look at the project page.

Playhouse interior completed

This week I finished the interior of the playhouse. I added a loft, ladder, bench and toy box. The upstairs is a big hit with the kids, and there’s plenty of room inside for playing and storing toys. Take a look at the Playhouse project page or the new photos.