Clubhouse bed project page available

I finally got around to putting some information about Evan’s clubhouse bed online. I spent a good portion of my holiday break down in the garage cutting, painting, sanding, etc. and now that I’m sidetracked by another project, I figured I might as well share the information I have. Visit the Clubhouse Bed page for […]

Does driving sedately really help gas mileage?

I just concluded a three week experiment with the gas mileage in my truck. My previous 3 fill-ups showed DISMAL mileage, that’s with moderately agressive driving, mostly to and from work (7 miles) in cold temperatures. I’m sure the fact that the truck was was cold for the first half of each trip didn’t help […]

Do you know what a bouzouki is?

It’s a musical instrument (somewhat guitar-like) that is often used in Greek music. Would you know one if you heard one? If not, Evan’s got you beat. A bouzouki has eight strings arranged in pairs and is similar in appearance to a mandolin. The paired strings and tuning create a distinctive sound shared by the […]